Photocopier Paper

A Definitive Guide to Photocopy Paper

Guide to Photocopy Paper

For every photocopy need, there is a special type of paper used for the perfect job. However, with a large range of office accessories in the market, it is difficult to decide which paper is best for photocopy or printing paper. When you have to decide on different paper types, thebeststock helps, you decide as this paper comes in different weights and sizes.

Types of photocopy paper

There are many different types of photocopy papers. They all have different uses and benefits. Here are some of the most used photocopy papers:

Inkjet printer paper

This paper is only for use with an inkjet printer, as it is especially for this printer. Different types of inkjet paperwork best with inkjet ink. It also includes photos and a business card.

Card stock

Printing of scrapbooks, business cards, and postcards are commonly on this thick, resilient paper. It is far more durable than other types of photocopy paper since it is significantly thicker and may be carried and shared around without wearing off.

Size of the photocopy paper

The photocopy paper comes in 10 sizes. A4 is the most commonly used paper for printing. It comes in many different weights and colours. This is best for everyday tasks and schoolwork. Thebeststock is the best online shop where you can get office accessories at your doorsteps. We have a wide range of papers available such as copier paper, printing paper, etc.


A3 is perfect for high-resolution images. The A3 printing paper can print both A3 and A4. It is also ideal for text printing. The paper is of good quality and you can use it to print wide images as compared to A4 because it is twice the size of A4.


C size paper is a type of paper designed specifically for use in envelopes. The sizes run from C1 to C10, and most of them correlate to similar sizes in the A range of paper, but they are slightly larger by design. Because of the small size difference, the A size sheet fits inside the envelope.


Paper opacity

The opacity of the sheets is another factor to consider when selecting photocopy paper. This relates to how light passes through them and how transparent or opaque they are.

The eight of paper generally influences the opacity of paper, with the heavier paper being more opaque. On a scale of 0 to 100, the opacity of a sheet of paper is measured. A sheet with a measurement of zero is transparent, while one with a measurement of 100 is fully opaque. Each opacity level has its use.

Paper coating

Photocopy paper comes in a different coating. The coating sometimes helps the user to decide which paper coating is better for a specific task.


These coatings come in a variety of finishes, including gloss, satin, and dull, and can be coloured in a variety of colours. They are a very cost-effective coating option, although they provide less protection than other laminates. Varnish coatings are effective for giving a photo a professional appearance by adding a sheen. Hope this information helps you decide which paper is best for your needs.






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