Working at Home

How Working at Home Amid Covid-19 Can Improve Your Business

Covid-19 spread is emotionally challenging for many people around the world. The pandemic has changed our lives completely in an unpredictable way. The risk of getting covid-19 is everywhere, no matter where you are in the world. This pandemic causes a lot of damage to businesses, schools, and different offices as they sent workers and students back to their homes. Having different office accessories available can help you to work better from home.

In these critical Covid -19 times, many employers are asking their employees to work from home. This work from home strategy can save you the risk of getting Covid along with expanding your business. WHO is providing many updates about how can you make your workplace safe for yourself and others.

Thebeststock is working as hard as possible to ensure you all have the best office supplies to work in comfort from home.

Benefits of Working from Home During Covid -19:

Work from home opens up an entirely productive way of improving your business. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home give the employee the benefit of continuing their business without putting their employee at the risk of getting Covid-19. Work from home brings more flexibility in your working arrangement by using different office accessories at home.  

Employees at home can have a better place to sit and complete their given tasks. They have flexible hours to complete work. They can work later in the day, or even over the weekend. Being able to work from home, staff, get some trust from the employers and this will automatically contribute to staffs loyalty.

Additionally, work from home can improve the sales and success of your business. As working from home allows staff to work in a peaceful and quieter environment, it will help you to increase the productivity of your business.

How You Can Manage Your Workplaces:

You can use this covid-19 time as a new opportunity to expand your business. Workplaces during this covid-19 require the employee to keep managing the product range. Office accessories are vital for editing business tasks. The best way forward is to shop office supplies online.

Many public health authorities are taking action against the covid-19 outbreak. All the businesses, including different offices, schools, and other institutes have to play their role to stop the spread of this disease. As people work from home, they can order office supplies like photocopier paper, laminating paper, and others online.

 Promote regular teleworking across all your employees during this outbreak of covid-19.

Businesses must advise employees to avoid using public transport and other gatherings. Companies should prioritize the well-being of their employee above all things. The employee needs to be fit as well as effective for bearing the workload.

 Buy Office Accessories for Safety

To wrap this up, working from home is more comfortable for people than working in offices. Employees can save a lot of time and money that they are going to spend on traveling from home to office and from office to home. This will provide people with more time for work.

Less traveling and more time for work can save employees from too much stress and exposure to the virus. Besides this, working from home allows people to work in their garden or backyard in a more peaceful and comfortable place. These things will help us get more productivity to improve your business during this covid-19 pandemic.

Tips to Improve Productivity

Tips to Improve Productivity at Home and Office

Every office needs proper office accessories and supplies because it is a matter of productivity. Let us explain how.

Productivity is something you can define as the amount of work an employee produces during his or her shift. The productivity of any work depends on the industry in which you are operating. To be productive means that you are getting more work done in a short period. The simple formula below explains productivity:

Productivity = input + output

By measuring the productivity, you can identify the work area, which might be causing unnecessary delays to work. Checking the productivity values in the services as well as business industries is quite difficult. Some productivity measuring tools can highlight the reasoning of less productivity.

Some Important Tips and Office Accessories

Here are some office supplies and office accessories you need to ensure better productivity at your workplace:


Timesheets are one of the best ways to check and improve productivity at home as well as in different offices. These sheets record the amount of time an employee is spending on a specific task. Moreover, they estimate the input the employee is going to produce. These timesheets can tell you about certain tasks that are taking up too much of your or your employees’ time. These timesheets will tell you where you need help with your workload and will improve your productivity.

Motivate Your Team:

Another way to improve productivity is to make the employees happy. If your employees are happy, your work productivity will automatically increase. Speaking to your team creates a friendly environment in an office. Plan their shifts and the workload during their shifts. Give them few tips to manage their workload and about how they can save some time. Know about their work specialties to increase productivity. Use right tools and equipment:

Providing your employees with the right tool will improve your work productivity. There is nothing better than spending minimum time on printing because of the use of good copier paper. Different office accessories can help you to manage your time to complete tasks. High-quality equipment like fast printing devices, fast-calculating devices will not only reduce your workload but also increase your productivity.

Set a self-imposed deadline:

Giving yourself a self-imposed deadline can save you from stress and helps increase productivity at home and offices. This will help us to focus on our task and to do it more quickly and efficiently. This can prove you are more focused and productive.

Take regular breaks:

Try to take some breaks during a hectic and long project. It will help you to maintain your concentration on the given task. Working on a task without taking a break can lead to a steady decline in your performance. With short breaks, you do not waste your time on the lower priority tasks. You cannot work better if you are overwhelmed. Benefits of improving productivity at home and offices:

An increase in productivity will benefit both your business and customers. By improving the tools and office environment, you can easily increase productivity. Increased productivity helps you achieve your goals easily. It will help you to expand your business. To conclude, you can improve productivity by using different office accessories as well as office supplies.

Office Accessories

Precautions for Using Office Accessories in Covid-19

At thebeststock, we apply some common-sense practices in our daily life as well as in-office to keep you and our team safe. Taking several precautions during the covid-19 can save you from getting the Covid infection. Make sure there everyone uses hand sanitizers and different disinfectants. Hand sanitizers and disinfectants can minimize your risk of getting covid-19. Keep your workplace and several office accessories neat and clean. Provide all the necessary office supplies to avoid unnecessary interaction without social distancing SOPs.

Get Office Supplies

A good business place needs offices and home Accessories like pens, pencils, photocopy papers, printers, as well as different copier machines. These office accessories will help your employee to work more quickly as well as efficiently. Different copier machines will help you to print and copy many documents in a very short time. At the same time, you need regular office supplies. At thebeststock, you can shop online to ensure your work setup has all the accessories needed and never go out of stock.

In the past year, the emergence of covid-19 has created a bad impact on the way we live and we work. Many companies are now changing to remote work systems. However, some companies still have workers coming to the premises to get the work done. For those continuing in-house work due to the nature of their products or services, it is necessary to take some precautions. To make working easier in the offices, you need some office accessories.

List of Some Basic Office Accessories:

Here is a checklist of some of the basic items you need in your workspace at all times:

  • Pencils, highlighters, and erasers
  • Paper clips along with paper holders to catch paper during different projects
  • Some paper binder clips of different sizes and different shapes
  • Stapler along with staples to bind multiple documents
  • Rolls of tape and dispenser tape to bind papers
  • Photocopier and lamination machine
  • Noise-cancelling headphones help workers to focus on their work
  • Wrist rest
  • Different types of copier paper or photocopy papers

Office accessories play a major role in improving workplace productivity. The more efficient office accessories, the more productivity will improve. These accessories help the employee to complete their work by putting less effort. The availability of office supplies facilitates completing several tasks.

One of the important office accessories is noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones will help the employee to focus on their task. This way, they can complete their work within a given time.

Likewise, paper clips will help you to bind the paper when you are presenting your project to the manager. All these office accessories make a good impression and make your work easier to do.

Precautions for using office accessories in Covid-19 Pandemic:

In the office, during work time, the use of office accessories is very common. Use a disinfectant wipe to disinfect accessories before getting a second thought. Wash down the table surface with a cleaner or disinfectant continuously use hand sanitizer. Remove dust and dirt from your work area. Create a health plan for office employee safety.

Always disinfect copier machines when you are going to print some document. Use photocopy paper very carefully and after this, wash or sanitize your hands immediately. Check the high-touch office accessories and disinfect them after every use. Make sure the office supplies cabinets are well marked. Make a hygiene space for all your accessories and keep these accessories thereafter every use.

To wrap it up, we recommend disinfecting as many office accessories you can as often as possible to keep everyone using them safely. Ensure compliance with SOPs, social distancing, and hygiene at all times. Lastly, to prevent unnecessary trips to stores, it is best to shop online for office supplies.

Photocopier Paper

Photocopier Paper Buying Guide

A photocopier is a machine that can copy your document, using photocopy papers of different sizes and qualities. Many new photocopier machines use a technology named xerography.

What is Xerography?

Xerography is a method that uses electrostatic charges on a very light-sensitive photocopy paper, which attract the toner and form a fine image of words on the copier paper.

What is a Photocopy Paper or Copier Paper?

The photocopy paper or copier paper is paper used for copying the document from the photocopier machine. Some people also call it photocopier paper.

Inkjet paper is ideal for printing different documents and photos. Matt paper is smoother and is ideal for high quality, double-sided printing. Similarly, glossy is right for printing images and photographs. As one of the best office supplies providers in the UK, we make it our business to get the very best for our customers.

Photocopier Buying Guide:

For every type of printing, there is the need for a specific kind of paper that will fit best for their work. However, there are so many photocopier papers are available. To help you to decide which photocopy paper to use, we at thebeststock are providing you this short buying guide for your ease.

Photocopier Machine Type:

Inkjet printer-type papers are the best for use in inkjet printers. There are many types of inkjet printers, and each works according to a unique photocopier paper size. Likewise, laser printer paper is the best fit for laser printing. You can use these printers for environmental work like mailing labels as well as for printing documents. Photocopier machines are very essential office accessories.

Size of Photocopier Paper:

Most printer users know about the paper sizes they can use for printing different documents. Printing papers are most widely used in offices. One can easily differentiate between printing paper and normal paper. Here A1 is the biggest paper size while A10 is the smallest size.

Weight of the Paper:

As the size of the paper varies, the weight of these papers also varies. These papers are available in different weights. The unit of measuring the weight of these papers is generally GSM; GSM stands for “Grams per Square Meter.”

The thicker the paper is the highest will the GSM value for it be. Moreover, the thicker the paper the more durable sheet will be.

Paper Coating Types:

Printing papers also have many different coatings according to the printing type. These coatings will provide a specific finishing to the document you are printing. The most common paper coatings are varnish, UV, and aqueous.

Benefits of Photocopier Paper:

You can use these photocopier papers for scanning different emails. Besides this, these papers are great for colour printing, as well as for printing on both sides of the pages.

Many photocopiers have USB or SD card slots. You can walk straight up to the photocopier and print whatever you need to print. You can also get booklet printing too. You can print booklets very quickly and easily.

With the so many choices available for a photocopy paper, always try to choose the best one. Our buying guide will help you to choose the best photocopier paper for your printing devices. We can tell you more about the size, shape, and coating as well as about the weight of the paper. All these things will help you to select paper of your need.

Get high-quality office supplies right here. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Desk Accessories

Must Have Desk Accessories in Your Home/Office

Office accessories are unavoidable and very important for a smooth working space, whether it is at your home or the office. These accessories help you to deal with many tasks with convenience. They aid you in multitasking in modern environments. These office supplies often include calculators, copier papers, printer papers, printers, staplers, and different notepads.

Desk accessories support you and your entire workforce by making it easier to manage and organize paperwork. They will help you to complete your task very easily as well as without any delay. The positive impact of this is that it will increase the productivity of your business. When one has easy access to such handy items, it becomes easy to complete work without any stress. 

If you are wondering what office accessories to buy from thebeststock, here are some suggestions:

List of Some Basic Office Desk Accessories

  • You need to have pencils, highlighters, and erasers.
  • Paper clips along with paper holders to catch copier paper during different projects.
  • Printer paper and printer
  • Copier paper
  • Laminating film and laminating machine
  • Some paper binder clips of different sizes and different shapes to bind documents.
  • Laptop stand
  • Rolls of tape and dispenser tape to bind papers
  • Noise-cancelling headphones help workers to focus on their work.
  • A clock

Importance of a Good Desk

The environment has a great effect on one’s mind as well as on ones’ productivity at work. Happy employees are more productive. Uncomfortable workplaces will reduce the productivity range of many workers. We spend a lot of time sitting at an office furniture desk while working on a computer.

Good quality furniture enhances your productivity by providing you a comfort zone. Moreover, one can avoid problems such as back pain, which occurs due to spending a lot of time on office furniture.

Using an adjustable office furniture desk according is a good idea. You can arrange the keyboards so that your elbows do not suffer pain. People can also avoid foot pain by using footrests or positioning them accurately. After short intervals, one must take a break by walking away for a few minutes to relax. Standing and walking a bit proves helpful.

Benefits of Office Accessories:

These desk accessories will create professionalism in your workplace. They help you to complete your work easily and without any interruption. This will create a comfort level in the office as well as in the home. During the covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become easier using these items at the desk.

Although the furniture type in your workplace plays their role too. Making your workplace better with these accessories will ensure that your staff can work together in a peaceful environment.

Smart business owners can find multiple office accessories that can fit into the small interior of their offices. Having a copier is very handy and reduces many hassles. You can use copier papers to make numerous copies of memos and flyers at work, and other documents. All these accessories make a workplace very. It will increase staff satisfaction, work productivity, and many more things.

A better work environment automatically encourages the workers to work actively. These things will help them to complete their task even before the deadline.

These office accessories will save a lot of time and money. An organized desk will prevent the misplacement of important documents. Having everything organized would lead to a clean environment. This will boost productivity as well as the morale of everyone in the tram. Eventually, everyone can perform better without delaying his or her work.

Copier Machines

Everything You Need To Know About Copier Machines

“Photocopier” as well as “copier,” is the other word for a copy machine. Photocopier machine is one of the important and highly used equipment, used in many offices and homes to copy documents. The machine can create multiple copies of a single document. It can also create a visual image onto the paper or on other plastic films. It needs the best quality of copier paper to produce the best printing.

At thebeststock, you can find high-quality copier paper.

You can use copier machines for assembling presentations or printing multiple advertisement papers. The cost of these machines is usually affordable. These machines will help you to increase productivity by reducing your workload and by saving your time.

How Does a Copier Machine Work

Copier machines work on the principle of opposite attraction. The machine needs a powder known as toner, to print an image on paper. The toner is negatively charged, and so it will attract paper that has positive charge particles. The image of the document will transfer onto the drum using a laser ray. Toner will stick to the black area of the image on the drum.

HQ Copier Paper is Important

The toner is melts and bonds to the paper by using the heat and pressure rollers. High-quality Copier Machines is important for the best quality of printing of documents. Now the photocopier paper is ready. It will come out of the copier and will give you a fine image of your document.  

Uses of Copier Machine

Copier machines can scan, fax, and print multiple documents. Scanning emails is a great way to send documents electronically. You can use the copier machine for scanning all kinds of official documents and images. Having one at a workplace will make it easy to send your document to others in your company.

Many copier machines can tell you when the toner concentration is too high or too low.

These machines will help you to increase productivity. Some copier machines have the feature to send as well as receive multiple faxes. Similarly, digital copier machines produce a clearer image of your document.  

Advantages of Using Copier Machine

Copier machines can produce a document of high quality as well as of high volume. You can use them to copy photographs documents as well as different books. These machines can produce high-volume copies of different documents in a very short time. Copier machines are very eco-friendly and create less pollution in the environment.

These copier machines are also very energy efficient and can save a lot of energy. Copier machines produce less noise when they are in use. Copier machines can create multiple copies at one time. Copier machines can copy both sides of copier paper.

In today’s digital world, having a copier machine in your offices and home is necessary. As most of the paperwork is digital, copier machines can make your work easier. Your connection with the copier machine will make your work more productive. If you do not get connect to the cloud you can print your document for submitting as a hard copy.