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Basics to Know Before Buying a Printer Paper

Buying a Printer Paper

Do you worry that your stapler pins have run out? How are you going to print 50 pages worth of annual reports if you cannot find a good quality paper at your office? Are you tired of the nagging by your employer to get your paperwork organized like a pro? Do not worry. We have your back! TheBestStock Office Suppliers aim to provide amazing quality office accessories and stationery to your workplace. We understand how important it is for you to stay organized, clutter-free, and calm. Therefore, our business has your needs in check! We deal in quality photocopy paper, and copier paper.

We have put up this comprehensive buying guide to help you determine which printer paper is appropriate for you. It includes information on different paper kinds as well as specific aspects to evaluate before you buy.

Copier Paper & Laser Printer Paper

Copier paper is the most common form of printer paper. One can buy it in bulk and keep it next to the printer so you do not have to rush to the market each time you need it. It is thin, light, and opaque. The opacity is 75 percent, with a matte finish that is why it dries faster.

Photo paper

Photo paper is just another form of glossy paper with a few minor changes. Photo paper is glossy on one side and is much heavier than regular glossy sheets. It is also usually brighter, allowing for sharper visual definition.

Listing paper

Listing paper is a continuous ream of sheets joined by a perforated seam for use with dot matrix, line printers, and other machines with the proper paper-feed mechanism. You can order a continuous supply of paper. It is suitable for corporate applications where speed and efficiency are critical.

Printer paper features


The brightness of printer papers varies considerably. Paper brightness is usually assessable on a scale of 0-100, with 80-100 being a good estimate for premium paper. Regardless of the type of printer, you use, the brighter the paper, the better the print will look.


The weight of a piece of paper helps determine its thickness. A basic copy sheet weighs roughly 75 grams, while a mid-weight card or poster paperweights ranging from 90 to 150 grams. Remember that the heavier the paper, the thicker it is.

To make the right decision for yourself before buying printing paper, research well. We have all the details related to the paper you want to purchase. These are the basics of printer paper, which will help you differentiate between the copier paper and the printer paper. You will understand whether you want to buy a brighter paper or a pack of dull sheets for your school assignment.

If you are looking to have your office supplies needs met through a reliable source, thebeststock has all the information for you. Get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you.

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