Photocopier Paper

Photocopier Paper Buying Guide

A photocopier is a machine that can copy your document, using photocopy papers of different sizes and qualities. Many new photocopier machines use a technology named xerography.

What is Xerography?

Xerography is a method that uses electrostatic charges on a very light-sensitive photocopy paper, which attract the toner and form a fine image of words on the copier paper.

What is a Photocopy Paper or Copier Paper?

The photocopy paper or copier paper is paper used for copying the document from the photocopier machine. Some people also call it photocopier paper.

Inkjet paper is ideal for printing different documents and photos. Matt paper is smoother and is ideal for high quality, double-sided printing. Similarly, glossy is right for printing images and photographs. As one of the best office supplies providers in the UK, we make it our business to get the very best for our customers.

Photocopier Buying Guide:

For every type of printing, there is the need for a specific kind of paper that will fit best for their work. However, there are so many photocopier papers are available. To help you to decide which photocopy paper to use, we at thebeststock are providing you this short buying guide for your ease.

Photocopier Machine Type:

Inkjet printer-type papers are the best for use in inkjet printers. There are many types of inkjet printers, and each works according to a unique photocopier paper size. Likewise, laser printer paper is the best fit for laser printing. You can use these printers for environmental work like mailing labels as well as for printing documents. Photocopier machines are very essential office accessories.

Size of Photocopier Paper:

Most printer users know about the paper sizes they can use for printing different documents. Printing papers are most widely used in offices. One can easily differentiate between printing paper and normal paper. Here A1 is the biggest paper size while A10 is the smallest size.

Weight of the Paper:

As the size of the paper varies, the weight of these papers also varies. These papers are available in different weights. The unit of measuring the weight of these papers is generally GSM; GSM stands for “Grams per Square Meter.”

The thicker the paper is the highest will the GSM value for it be. Moreover, the thicker the paper the more durable sheet will be.

Paper Coating Types:

Printing papers also have many different coatings according to the printing type. These coatings will provide a specific finishing to the document you are printing. The most common paper coatings are varnish, UV, and aqueous.

Benefits of Photocopier Paper:

You can use these photocopier papers for scanning different emails. Besides this, these papers are great for colour printing, as well as for printing on both sides of the pages.

Many photocopiers have USB or SD card slots. You can walk straight up to the photocopier and print whatever you need to print. You can also get booklet printing too. You can print booklets very quickly and easily.

With the so many choices available for a photocopy paper, always try to choose the best one. Our buying guide will help you to choose the best photocopier paper for your printing devices. We can tell you more about the size, shape, and coating as well as about the weight of the paper. All these things will help you to select paper of your need.

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