Reduce Printing Costs

Tips to Reduce Printing Costs per Page

You cannot avoid printings when it comes to your business operations. Owning a printer can be quite expensive but you can reduce the printing cost by simply doing several other official things.

The majority of buyers today have a good understanding of the design and layout processes, but few are aware of what occurs once their project gets to the printer. All they know is that they drop off their project at the printer, and the work is done.

However, the more you understand about printing, the more you will be able to save money on unneeded printing. The following suggestions will help you save money on printing and understand the process.

Print in black and white copier paper

Colour ink cartridges are far more expensive than black and white cartridges. As a result, colour printing can cost up to eight times as much as black-and-white printing. You save a few cents each time you print in black and white, and this adds up rapidly.

Print on both the sides

You can save 50% on paper by printing on both sides of the page. When possible, employ duplex printing, especially when printing papers for internal use.

Reduce the size of your margin

Change the default printing margin preference in Microsoft Word from 1.25 inches to 0.75 inches. This tiny change can cut your photocopier paper usage by 4.75 per cent. In addition, if you put it the other way, cutting your paper margins can help you raise your overall profit.

Print what you need

Only print the important text and skip the unwanted details. Adjust the content you need according to the page and only print that is about your work. Thebeststock can guide you well about it.

Use a font that helps you save the ink  

You can also save money by printing using particular fonts. Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Eco-font are the most cost-effective fonts, while Arial uses more ink when printed. By switching to Century Gothic instead of Arial, you can save 31% on printing costs.

Put your printer to sleep

Copiers and printers, like other electrical devices, waste energy even when they are not in use. Setting your printing equipment to sleep mode when it is not in use and when your office is closed, such as at weekends and holidays, can save you a lot of money on your energy cost.

Preview before you print

You might end up printing all ten pages when you only need two, so always preview your document before you press print so that you do not waste any extra pages. In addition, you can reduce paper and ink usage daily. This will help you save a lot of money.


These easy-to-implement suggestions can help you save money on printing costs and paper usage. Thebeststock can help you make the right decision. We deal in office accessories that include copier paper, photocopy paper, and printing p


Things to Consider Before Buying a Printer

Often, you will find your office machinery malfunctioning. Mostly, this happens at critical times. Most of the printer manufacturers offer a warranty and if your machine is repairable, that is good. However, sometimes, the machine is beyond repair and it is time for you to get a new machine for your office. With new printers, you need to stock office supplies as well.

When it comes to selecting a new printer, it is not as simple as it seems. When it comes to finding a new model, it is more difficult as compared to finding an updated version of your current device. To make the most out of your office supplies, you need to be mindful of your day-to-day requirements and general suitability for your office environment.

Cost & Budget

The amount of money you can spend on buying office supplies that include a new printer is one of the key things to consider. You will find expensive machines, but you do not need to spend a lot or go out of your budget to match the high-quality standards you need or you are looking to get in a printer. Just go for the one that is good quality as well as affordable.

Quality of the office accessories

Laser printers have the best quality without any doubt, but they also end up being expensive and have higher maintenance and running cost as well.

An inkjet printer is more than enough for home users, but there is a clear difference between the qualities of printouts from inkjet printers. The printer’s driver, quality of the ink, and the design of the print head play a vital role in the final print quality.

Printing speed

You need to identify the amount of printer paper you will be printing on average. The more you print the faster printer you would need. So consider buying a device that prints faster and saves your time. The cost might be more but it is better to buy something worth the need. Thebeststock can guide you on what type of product would be best for you.


Space available for your printer

Another important thing to consider is the amount of space your office has.

It will need a whole space where the papers and the printer can sit and have a socket near it. Always make sure to buy a device that best suits space. At thebeststock, we can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying office accessories. There is a wide range of office supplies that might sometimes make you confused.


Being mindful of your day-to-day requirement is very important and plays a key role in your purchase decision. For example, if your daily printing tasks also include scanning and faxing documents, you should consider a machine that is multifunctional so it can handle many jobs within one printer. A low-cost printing device is inexpensive for a reason and that is it has fewer functions as compared to the one with a higher price. Keep all the questions about office supplies in mind before you finally buy something because that will help you make the right decision.





Printers for Small Businesses

Different Types of Printers for Small Businesses

There are all kinds of printers in the market these days, and so you need to know what printer paper or photocopy paper you need to stock for your business needs. Let us look at some options we can offer.

Match Your Copier Paper and Printer

Here are some recommended printers we see small businesses use frequently:

Canon TR7020

Having an all-in-one printer machine that is affordable and reliable is an ideal situation for small businesses. Your dream now can be a reality with this Pixma printer. A tech-friendly design that is workable with common Wi-Fi direct options like AirPrint and CloudPrint. The Canon App controls this. Another feature supported is a variety of pre-downloaded templates including all kinds of work i.e. memos to certificates. If you have some of Canon’s photo paper, this printer will also support square photo printing with a wide range of sizes.

This amazing all-in-one printing machine has a 36 sheet auto document feeder to immediately scan or copy multiple entries/pages in one go, it also comes with a two paper input tray option, one in the front and one in the back. As a single tray holds 100 sheets, the total sheets printer can hold is 200 with two trays.

With such an affordable low price tag, The Canon TR7020 does come with slow speed. For colour pages, it runs at 6.8ppm, and for a simple black and white print at 13ppm. The fact that modern office does not have huge loads on printing, this printer still seems to make a nice place in your office.

HP LaserJet Pro

HP is one sharp office printer, take this LaserJet Pro model as an example, this model is a 4 in 1 – Copier, Fax machine, scanner, and innovative Laser printer. This model comes with an auto-feed tray with a capacity of 50 sheets, a large paper tray having a capacity of 250 sheets, and a priority tray, which holds 10 sheets. Making it sharper, offering a high speed of 30 pages per minute for black and white with a snappy start-up. This printer also supports many kinds of paper sizes for multiple projects. This printer also has a two-sided printing option. When it comes to competitors, it is without a doubt faster. This printer is compatible with all modern-day technology when it comes to connections. The printer can connect through a Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi direct connections, USB, and NFC as well. The printer can hibernate itself and save on energy by power-saving mode and has a small LCD touchscreen with all the controls in it.

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

Normally, while considering printers for their office one may ignore inkjet printers. However, if you know Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850, then you know it is different. Now you do not need to rely on expensive cartridges, Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 uses large ink tanks. It includes enough ink to print more than 6000 colour or 7500 black and white pages.


Epson offers low costing bottles of ink refill. Therefore, whenever it is time to add ink, you know where to find it. Considering the low price of ink refills, the cost per page stays low. Not only printing but also Epson EcoTank ET-5850 is also a fax machine and a scanner too.

This printer has a 500-sheet paper tray with an additional rear feeder for specialty paper having a capacity of 50 sheets. You can now interact with the printer through a built-in 4.3-inch touchscreen and this printer can connect through AirPrint, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

Choose & Order your Copier Paper

Let us guide you if you do not know which paper to use for your printer. We are just a call away.