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Xerox Performer A4 White Copy paper 80gsm 5 Reams 2500 Sheets

£ 17,99 inc VAT
£ 14,39 ex VAT
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Faster Speed Xerox Performer with Free Delivery for Printing

Are you looking for Xerox Performer with free delivery? This product is available at the best stock with a 22% discount. The price of Xerox performers with free delivery is amazingly low and easy to afford for everyone. So let us discuss the specifications of Xerox performers in the UK.

Quality of Xerox performers with free delivery

Xerox performer in the UK is a white a4 copy paper. The weight is the paper is 80 grams with four reams of 2500 sheets. It is a multi-purpose paper for high-quality and multi-national printing and copying. Xerox performer with free delivery is the popular sheet and works only with the laser printer and inkjet printer and copier. It is best for the fax machine.

Why Buy Xerox Performer from the Best Stock

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