Tips to Reduce Printing Costs per Page

Reduce Printing Costs

You cannot avoid printings when it comes to your business operations. Owning a printer can be quite expensive but you can reduce the printing cost by simply doing several other official things.

The majority of buyers today have a good understanding of the design and layout processes, but few are aware of what occurs once their project gets to the printer. All they know is that they drop off their project at the printer, and the work is done.

However, the more you understand about printing, the more you will be able to save money on unneeded printing. The following suggestions will help you save money on printing and understand the process.

Print in black and white copier paper

Colour ink cartridges are far more expensive than black and white cartridges. As a result, colour printing can cost up to eight times as much as black-and-white printing. You save a few cents each time you print in black and white, and this adds up rapidly.

Print on both the sides

You can save 50% on paper by printing on both sides of the page. When possible, employ duplex printing, especially when printing papers for internal use.

Reduce the size of your margin

Change the default printing margin preference in Microsoft Word from 1.25 inches to 0.75 inches. This tiny change can cut your photocopier paper usage by 4.75 per cent. In addition, if you put it the other way, cutting your paper margins can help you raise your overall profit.

Print what you need

Only print the important text and skip the unwanted details. Adjust the content you need according to the page and only print that is about your work. Thebeststock can guide you well about it.

Use a font that helps you save the ink  

You can also save money by printing using particular fonts. Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Eco-font are the most cost-effective fonts, while Arial uses more ink when printed. By switching to Century Gothic instead of Arial, you can save 31% on printing costs.

Put your printer to sleep

Copiers and printers, like other electrical devices, waste energy even when they are not in use. Setting your printing equipment to sleep mode when it is not in use and when your office is closed, such as at weekends and holidays, can save you a lot of money on your energy cost.

Preview before you print

You might end up printing all ten pages when you only need two, so always preview your document before you press print so that you do not waste any extra pages. In addition, you can reduce paper and ink usage daily. This will help you save a lot of money.


These easy-to-implement suggestions can help you save money on printing costs and paper usage. Thebeststock can help you make the right decision. We deal in office accessories that include copier paper, photocopy paper, and printing p

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